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Hi all dear watchers and visitors of my page. Thank you all once again for spending your precious time looking at my drawings. Sometimes I take a small break and don't post new pictures for a long period and sometimes I try to draw as much as possible, so forgive me if anyone waited too long for the new deviations. I'm trying to add a little bit of coulour to my latest works, a touch of striking red to black&white, I hope you like it. Any comments and ideas are always welcome :)
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As my beloved country, I made another lovely trip to Japan. Like my last visit; I traveled the incredible city of Tokyo, then went to Tokyo DisneyResort (because I've this little kid inside me that needs to see Micky Mouse everytime when i'm in Japan) Then I took the bullet train to the old capital, Kyoto. I slept in a Temple (Shunkoin Temple, and I highly recommend it to anyone who desires to visit Kyoto to stay here) with a lovely atmosphere and traditional Japanese rooms. Finally, a new addition to my previous trip, I took the bullet train once again and headed to Hiroshima and then returned back to Moscow with so many amazing and touching feelings.

And now it is time to draw... Let's see what will come out of my hat this time, but I guess some scenery from Japan which I took with my camera. It will be a first for me to draw black and white nature, so I have no idea how I will do, but lets see...

Thanks for all the support dear watchers and visitors, it means a lot to me. Take care... :)
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Here I am after a long time of slacking. Finally I found the motivation and the time to start something new. I found the photo of this lovely old man and decided to give it a shot. I hope you will like this drawing and I hope I won't make you wait very long for the next drawing. Thank you all for the good wishes, support and courage! Cheers and love to all...! :) (Smile)
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Going to visit Japan!! Tokyo and Kyoto, here I come, see you all soon, take care :)
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Finally I'm done with my Pirates drawing. I spent much more time than I thought I would, but it satisfied me in the end. Or I was so fed up with it, just to see the ending of it tricks my mind. Anyway I hope you will like it, see you till the next drawing and thanks for all the support :)
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Working on a new drawing... So many details in it. It has been around 26 hours of work and still 4/10 of the picture is complete. I hope I can finish it soon enough and most importantly I hope you will like what is coming... :)
  • Listening to: Hans Zimmer
  • Watching: Dexter
  • Eating: Flakes
  • Drinking: Milk :)
After 2.5 months of laziness, finally I came up with a drawing, and eventually it satisfied me. It was fun to draw, I really enjoyed every second of it. "Bane" from the Dark Knight Rises movie. I hope you will like it. Cheers! :)
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After a short break I started drawing again and also I managed to scan and repost my earlier drawings finally :)  And now I mostly draw on A4 paper, because I have a scanner for that. I can upload new pictures faster and with better quality :)